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HomeNewsBadhoevebogen – 5 HDDs crossing the A9 motorway

Badhoevebogen – 5 HDDs crossing the A9 motorway


Waternet commissioned Visser & Smit Hanab to relocate five pipelines with horizontal directional drilling. Today, the final pull-in operation is being performed with great fanfare in front of special guests.

The pipelines need to be relocated as part of the 'Badhoevebogen' VolkerWessels infrastructure project to re-route the A9 motorway between the Raasdorp and Badhoevedorp interchanges.


The drilling operations comprised five parallel drills of approximately 730 m each in length. These were for two raw water pipelines (WRK pipelines) and three potable water pipelines (Waternet). Each pipeline is 1200 mm in diameter.