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New 27t rig: improved traction and torque


Visser & Smit Hanab recently took delivery of a new 27t drilling rig, as a result of which the traction and torque in the smaller rig segment has improved incredibly in comparison with the 18t drilling rig.

27 tons rig

The new rig is a Vermeer D60x90 27 tons rig. It has a torque of 12,200 Nm and its compact size means that it fits into a container. As such, it is more practical to transport than the 35 tons rig for instance.


Although the 27t rig improves traction and torque, flexibility, required workspace and speed will not change that much when compared with the 18t rig.


The 27t drilling rig is capable of conducting HDD of between 50 and 500 metres, depending on several local conditions.


In the near future, V&SH will be using the new drilling rig frequently in its projects.