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Unique Bow Bore for canal crossing


Visser & Smit Hanab currently conducting a gas pipeline from Beverwijk to Wijngaarden for Gasunie NV. Therefore the Moerkapelle Ringvaart canal has to be crossed. This crossing would initially be implemented through a closed front drilling with a length of 33 meters. However, it would be complicated concerning to water resources, intersection of four existing sheet piling, crossing existing road and crosses or rerouting existing cables and pipelines.
Visser and Smit Hanab has therefore proposed to perform the intersection at an alternative, rather unique way, namely with a ‘bow-bore' (length 172 meters).


This bow drilling is a variant of the known controlled horizontal drilling technique, the 48'' pipe is bent mechanically prior to the withdrawal.

There are three sections in this drilling (3x54 meters) of pre-bent tube sections constructed, which can be drawn in the borehole one by one. As a result, the required length of the bore is significantly reduced.