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Crossing A10 District heating pipes


With the future development of the financial centre in Amsterdam, the Zuidas area, it was necessary to decommission existing cables and pipelines and re-route these. Engineering firm Tebodin, commissioned by Zuidasdoc, has developed alternative routes for these cables and pipes. A section of one of these lines is the underground ‘Oostelijke Kruising’ (Eastern Crossing) of the highway A10. It is located between the Vivaldistraat (southwest corner of the RAI complex) and the Beatrixpark.

For Nuon Warmte, Visser & Smit Hanab realised the crossing of two district heating lines (DN 300), using a closed front drilling technique (microtunneling). On both sides of the A10, the pipeline was installed using an open trench up to the existing network of pipelines. Finally the newly created heating route was connected to the district heating network of Nuon.

The DN 800 casing pipes, each 216 meters long and part of a steel-in-steel system, have been drilled successfully underneath the A10. In addition the installation of DN 300 (steel-PUR-PE) landlines have been completed in both the Beatrixpark and the Vivaldistraat. The mediumpipes have then been inserted into the casing onto which the pre-bend corners have been mounted.

Facts and figures

  • Diameter and material
    800mm steel-pur-pe
  • length
    2 x 216 meter
  • Technique
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